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Transformation for Radiant Living! ™

Are there issues in your life that you just can’t seem to shake?

Are you in physical, mental or emotional pain?

Has chaos become your word of the week?

Are you resisting completion or new beginnings?

Are there undiscovered aspects of you asking to be set free?

If you are working steadily toward your goals, do you want to speed up the process?

If you are doing well, do you want to be fantastic?

Are there areas in your life where you don’t feel like you are really living?

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I too had these questions and found the answers in alternative healing methods. The results that I personally experienced, though beyond my logic, awed and intrigued me. So I embarked on my own 17 year journey of discovery, learning, and exploration.

The Love Wisdom Wellness Logo is a visual depiction of my philosophy gained through my personal journey...

Love (the heart) deepens the understanding and acceptance of self and others,

Wisdom (the spiral) allows the potential of Transformation for Radiant Living! ™, and

Wellness (the star beams) grows from the balance of body, mind, emotion and spirit.

I believe that health and happiness are the birthright of every human being. Timely & appropriate investment of energy in your well-being, by both you and I, will save a great deal of trouble, pain and money down the road.

My clients have found that the gentle, natural therapies & lifestyle modifications I offer benefit them on all levels; physical, mental, emotional, and spirit. My services compliment any other modalities with which you are working. These offerings include energy therapies, classes, empowerment processes, exploration of your life’s purpose, ceremonies, rites of passage, blessings, energetic space clearing, as well as, whatever supports your journey to health and happiness! It is amazing and magical to see people heal themselves and change their lives.

Teri’s Mission

I am passionate about creating and holding sacred space for deep exploration, self-healing and authentic expression which leads to Transformation for Radiant Living!


What Clients Are Saying:
“Was this attached report specific to me? Because it is Totally ‘right on!’ My greatest gratitude for your love, compassion, awareness and attunement. You have wonderful knowledge, training, skills and ability to weave complex threads together.” Terry, Portland Oregon
“Thank You I feel very energized and different! Immediate things I noticed following your gathering:
• A warm centered feeling my solar plexus as you were ending and discussing things on the phone with people.
• A shift in me and my attitude towards my wife and business opportunities and situations around me.
• A shift in other peoples responses to my requests and discussions in a more positive light.”
David, Hong Kong
“Thank you for your beautiful presence and technology of energy healing. For now I have few words to describe my unfolding experience, and still am truly grateful for the great mystery and blessing of it.” Arianna, San Francisco Bay area, CA
“Thank you, I slept for the first time in over a year without taking Nyquil to assist me and my dreams reflected that newfound peace.” Dr. Karen, NE Nebraska
“I have just read the report. Thank you so much for all of this. I need more time to process and work with this, just wanted to say I can already feel more balanced and accepting! And it was lovely to be using sound.” Stephanie, Rojales, Spain
“I have received Reiki from Teri the day after I had a collision with a deer. It shook me and I wasn't myself at all, unable to focus on anything. After one hour of Reiki, I felt more at peace, more centered, more myself. I noticed that my "grouchiness" from the accident also went away. Since then, I took the Reiki certification offered by Teri and have done wonderfully with it. I use it on myself and on my patients who need it the most.
Furthermore, holographic repatterning sessions have been helpful in working on "deeper issues", increasing awareness and moving blockages. It's amazing and every time we're done I say: ‘how weird!’ These things that came up today are things I've struggled with just this week!" Thank you for all your help Teri!” Dr. Brigitte, Olathe, KS

“I am so GRATEFUL for yours and Cayelin's generous and caring SEVA. You two work delightfully together and compliment each other perfectly. I felt cohesiveness within the group and a lightness of joy and tremendous caring. After the repatterning I lay quietly and experienced frequency elevations and my body trembled and states of JOY were definitely part of the experience.” Leilani